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9x Studio is a no-code agency. We craft amazing websites & custom digital experiences that stand out from the crowd. We do it in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional agencies thanks to No-Code.

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Companies supported by our team:

9x is a Berlin-based agency specialising in no-code solutions and digital products.
We are a team of no-code, low-code, and design experts with a business background and many years of experience in startups and scaleups.

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We use no-code tools so that you can maintain your projects independently. No devs, no lock-in.

Reliable &

We carefully select the best tools to allow you to scale your products in the long run.

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Precise Execution

We build custom and fully responsive websites based on your needs in a few weeks.

What we always include in our service

Full Responsive

Your website will stand out on every screen.


You can manage your website's images and text on your own.

Basic Analytics

Stay on top of your game by understanding your users.

CRM Integration

We'll integrate at least one form to push data into your CRM.


We'll index your website to lead you traffic

We use only the best tools to allow you to maintain and scale your websites

What you can
always add:

List of add-ons:

  • Blog Functionality

  • E-commerce

  • Marketplace

  • Advanced Web-Apps capabilities

  • Multi-language translations

Take a look at what we could build for you


The sustainable e-commerce subscription platform for furniture.

VC Draft

The job board for talents in the Venture Capital space


The web app for your sleep, meditation and peace of mind.
Just breathe.

Discover how we can work together

1. Discovery

We'll learn about your business need and map all your product's features.
Check out our Blueprint.

2. Scoping

We'll define the timeline for the project, allocate the resources, and provide you with a clear and transparent quote.

3. Building

We'll point in the right direction and we'll execute your plan. We'll adapt based on your feedback and ship at the speed of light.

4. Testing

After shipping the product, we'll give you full support during the testing phase and we'll instantaneously fix any kind of bug.

Meet our team

We will help you craft your digital products with care, speed, and precision

Alexandre Kantjas

  • Co-founder, 9x

  • Co-author, Low-Code Starter Pack

  • Prev. Head of Operations at Circula

Pierre-Yves Garcia

  • Co-founder, 9x

  • Co-author, Low-Code Starter Pack

  • Prev. Business Operations Lead at Smunch

Leonardo Vezzati

  • Builder, 9x

  • Prev. Co-Founder, Giotto

  • Prev. Founder Associate and Operations Manager, Homa Games

Let's talk about your project

Build my website

Still have doubts?


No-code tools, are instruments that allow you to build powerful digital products in a fraction of the time. When integrated with a little bit of code, no-code solutions are most of the time indistinguishable from those manually coded by developers.

Using no-code tools will allow you to have 3 main advantages:- You will save time. I will be able to deliver your project in a fraction of the time of traditional agencies.- You will save money. Traditional developers are expensive.- You will be more independent. No-code tools will allow you to make modifications and maintain your applications/automation autonomously

We prefer to work with startups and scaleups. We're vertical agnostic, and we can help you build your product either if you need a Business Website, a Marketplace, an E-commerce, etc. Let's have a call where you can explain to us your business and needs and we'll provide you with a clear and transparent quote.

Depending on the nature and complexity of your needs, we can build your product in 2 to 8 weeks from the first contact. If you are curious about our work methodology, you can read more in the section above "Discover how we can work together"

We have a wide range of skills and we can help you design or re-design your UX/UI. We never compromise on the style and functionalities of the applications we build and we will never use templates without customizing them.For what concerns branding, unfortunately, it is not part of our core services yet.

We will give you a precise quote at the beginning of the project depending on your needs.All projects are priced at a fixed rate.You will know exactly how much you're spending after the scoping phase.It is important for you to remember that there may be some monthly fees for tools/services we use to build your products.However, we will provide you with a precise quote about those costs, and they will be transparently charged directly to you.

Of course! After shipping the product, we will follow you during the testing phase of your project and we will immediately fix any kind of potential bugs or little errors.During this phase, we will not charge you with maintenance costs, if you will not want improvements after the delivery.However, it is important to say that we use no-code solutions because our goal is to allow you to maintain your products independently.No worries, we'll help you in understanding how to do it.